Tessa Kerrs is a Photographer, Art Director, and Retoucher based in Manchester, North West England.

She’s worked as an Art Director of a Magazine, A Model Agent and A Studio Manager for 3 different Photography Studios; with this Industry background knowledge, your needs are known and covered.

With many Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Set Designers and Art Directors as friends and colleagues, a whole team can be ready on hand.

Her work has been published in many Magazines and Publications, all over the world.

One of those “Photographers” who actually got a piece of paper to prove it – BAHons in Photography, Film and Imagery from Edinburgh in 2010.

BAHons, SWPP and SIFGP – lots of letters earned which can mean a whole lot of nothing; as images speak for themselves.

Email me, or give me a call, for any questions of enquiries…. I like to talk!


HUF Magazine,White Lines, Ellements Magazine, Institute Magazine, Astound Magazine, IntElegance Magazine, The Model Magazine, Surreal Magazine, Feroce Magazine, A-Magazine, Within Magazine, Daily Mail, Asda, Daily Record, Manchester Confidential, Pitman Magazine, Been2Books.


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